Special product for dry hands and cuticles. Nourishes, protects and softens. Enriched with aloe vera, angelica, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E and panthenol. Nourishes, restores moisture and has a calming effect. Absorbed rapidly into the skin. Apply...
Dhs. 21.00
Depend ARGAN NAIL OIL SERUM 10ML Art. 8952
Nail Oil Serum acts like a facial serum for your nails, providing intensive care for nails in poor condition. Strengthens and improves the quality of your nails. Enriched with argan oil, neonyca (celery seed) and vitamin E, among other ingredients,...
Dhs. 21.00
Depend GRAPE & AVOCADO NAIL OIL - 11ML Art. 8951
This oil works like a day cream for your nails. Strengthens, restores the moisture balance, and improves the quality of your nails. Enriched with grape seed oil, avocado oil and vitamin E, among other ingredients. Apply to the nail root...
Dhs. 21.00
Sold Out
Depend Myrrh Oil 8ML Art. 4203
Depend Myrrh Oil provides intensive care for dry nails that chip or crack easily or are soft. Enriched with almond oil and vitamin E. Restores your nails and provides them with nutrients. Moisturising, strengthening, and encourages faster nail growth.
Dhs. 20.00
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