Urban Veda Purifying Facial Oil 30ml
Even oily and acne-prone skin types can enjoy the benefits of a 100% natural facial oil thanks to our blend of healing Gotu Kola and antibacterial Neem Oil. With regular use, it helps to decongest the skin and regulate oil...
Dhs. 166.00 Dhs. 132.99
Urban Veda Purifying Body Lotion 250ml
Feed skin with an influx of this vitamin and omega-rich Purifying Body Lotion. With a minty, citrus scent that awakens the senses, the nonsticky and lightweight formula thoroughly hydrates and purifies the skin whilst simultaneously protecting the skin's natural moisture...
Dhs. 64.00 Dhs. 51.99
Urban Veda Purifying Body Scrub 200ml
Gently buff away dead skin cells with our invigorating Purifying Body Scrub, enriched with antibacterial cold-pressed neem oil, astringent wild mint and healing Mediterranean Cypress to deeply cleanse blemish-prone skin. Harnessing the mildly abrasive natural exfoliants of pumice and crushed...
Dhs. 52.00 Dhs. 42.00
Urban Veda Purifying Body Wash 200ml
Make this Purifying Body Wash your bathroom essential and awaken the senses with the refreshing and invigorating formula. Blended with a carefully selected botanical blend of Neem, Eucalyptus, and Wild Mint to uplift the Kapha dosha, this body wash respects...
Dhs. 63.00 Dhs. 50.99
Urban Veda Purifying Hydrating Toner 150ml
Target breakouts, tighten pores and balance the pH level of oily and acne-prone skin with our Purifying Hydrating Toner. This neem-infused toner contains organic extracts, vitamins and amino acids to hydrate the skin whilst naturally reducing excess sebum on the...
Dhs. 64.00 Dhs. 51.99
Urban Veda Purifying Day Cream 50ml
A wonderfully lightweight, yet hydrating moisturiser, our neem infused Purifying Day Cream contains detoxifying botanicals including healing witch hazel and refreshing spearmint to treat spot-prone skin. Brimming with antioxidants, this day cream is perfect for protecting, mattifying and importantly hydrating...
Dhs. 92.00 Dhs. 73.99
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