Diablo Creamed Filled Milk Chocolate Wafers - 85g
DIABLO MILK CHOCOLATE WAFERS 100G No Added Sugar Suitable for those on a sugar-controlled diet. Perfect as a treat, or for a quick afternoon boost. Diablo Wafers contain no added sugar and are perfect for those on a sugar-controlled diet...
Dhs. 20.50
Diablo Dark Chocolate with Orange - 75g
Description Diablo Dark Chocolate With Orange 75g. Tasty chocolate treat with no added sugar! Ingredients: Sweetener (maltitol), cocoa butter, cocoa paste, lyophilized orange (3%) inulin, low-fat cocoa powder, emulsifier (soya lecithin). Natural aromas: vanilla and orange, Allergy Information For Diablo...
Dhs. 14.50
Diablo Extra Dark Cocoa Cookie With Vanilla Cream Sugar Free - 176g
The Most Dunkable Cookies with Cream: This Extra Dark Cocoa Cookie with Vanilla Cream is a healthier twist on our friend over at Oreo. It has all the taste without any sugar! If you’re the type who loves to dunk...
Dhs. 16.50
Diablo No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate With Sweetener - 85g
Diablo No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate Bar contain no added sugar and are perfect for those on a sugar-controlled diet or for those just wanting to cut out some of the sugars from their food Whether you feel like sharing...
Dhs. 14.50
Diablo No Added Sugar White Chocolate With Strawberry - 75g
White Chocolate with StrawberryRemember the first time you bit into a chocolate strawberry? We thought you might. The first time you bite into this creamy strawberry white chocolate will be just as memorable. Satisfy those chocolatey fruity cravings and revel...
Dhs. 14.50
Diablo Sugar Free Chocolate Striped Peanut cookies -150g
INGREDIENTS wheat flour, vegetable fat (palm fruit), sweetener: maltitol, peanut 14 %, cocoa coating 10 % (vegetable fat (palm fruit), fat-reduced cocoa powder, cocoa fiber, sweetener: maltitol, emulsifier: lecithin (from soy), flavors), pasteurized egg mass, salt, raising agents: sodium carbonate,...
Dhs. 20.50
Diablo Sugar Free Coconut Cookies - 150g
Diablo sugar-free coconut cookies are great for those on a sugar-controlled diet. Details: When it comes to family treats, the biscuit tin is up there with the best. Whether you need something crunchy to dip in your tea or a...
Dhs. 19.00
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